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Fever Home Opener Preview and Final Roster is…

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On Saturday June 6th the Indiana Fever will host their first home game against the Minnesota Lynx, along with attempting to set a new Guinness World Record for the most people lighting a glow stick at the same time at a single venue.

This will be the Fever’s first season with new head coach Stephanie White after coach Lin Dunn retired the previous year. But White is no stranger to the team workings as she was the Fever’s assistant coach for three years before becoming head coach. When asked about her plans and changes for the upcoming season coach White says that one of the main changes will be the pace at which the game will be played, “Fast paced and quick moving” were two ways used to describe the up coming season and the way that the team would play.

Today, the Fever announced their 12-player roster. Rather than cutting a player, Shavonte Zellous has been placed on the Suspended list while she plays for the Croatian national team from June 11 – 28. When she returns, the team will have to make a hard decision about who they cut at that time. The 12 players for the Fever are:
Tamika Catchings
Erlana Larkins
Layshia Clarendon
Briann January
Briana Butler
Jeanette Pohlen
Natasha Howard
Natalie Achonwa
Marissa Coleman
Maggie Lucas
Shenise Johnson
Lynetta Kizer

The players can rest easy for now and prepare for their first game of the season against the Chicago Sky. With so many good and up-and-coming players, the Fever stand a good chance at making the playoffs again this year.


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June 4, 2015 at 9:32 pm

Indiana Fever vs. New York Liberty in Exciting Home Closer

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Last night the Indiana Fever played against the New York Liberty in an ‘edge of your seat” home ending game. Despite being behind for the majority of the game the Fever pulled off a come back win 66-63. This was also a big night for the Fever, as star player Katie Douglas was back after being gone for all but one game this season due to an injury.

The game started with a quick foul on the Fever’s side and the Liberty getting the first points with a free throw 1-0. With the help of a Douglas 3-pointer, the Fever took the lead 5-3. The Fever ended up with a few early fouls which caused the game to tie at 7 afterwards the game went back and forth with the Fever ending up on top at the end of the first quarter 17-16.

Throughout the game the Fever had trouble with with completing their baskets which gave the Liberty the chance to take advantage and pull ahead 24-19. With Tamika Catchings’ help the Fever got within a couple of points of the lead 26-24 (Liberty). As the Fever struggled with the Liberty intercepting their passes, the Liberty led at halftime 38-32.

After the halftime break the Fever seemed to get into a better, steadier rhythm, drawing fouls and making shots, soon they took the lead 48-44. All through the season the Fever have had their ups and downs with rebounds, last night there was definitely room for improvement. The Liberty led at the end of the third 51-50 after a last second foul and a free throw.

The Fever fought to take the lead after missing some of their lay ups but still making it dificult for the Liberty to score. Finally the Fever push past the Liberty 57-55. The Fever seemed to struggled a lot, they played as if they were tired, but despite that they played Fever worthy defense with fouling out Kelsey Bone and making the Liberty get a shot clock violation. The Fever held on to their lead and won 66-63. It was a game worthy of being the season home closer.

The Fever’s final game of the regular season is on Sunday September 15th @ 1:00 pm, against the Connecticut Sun in Connecticut.
Playoffs start September 19th.

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September 14, 2013 at 2:58 pm

Indiana Fever vs. New York Liberty Results and Recap

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Last night the Indiana Fever played against the New York Liberty. After playing against the Washington Mystics twice in three days, the Fever hosted the New York Liberty. This was the second time the Fever played against the Liberty this year.

The game started off with an early Fever lead, 9-5, but the Liberty tied the game at 9 shortly after. There was a lot of contact in this game, more than usual, which caused Tamika Catchings to get two early fouls. The score went back and forth between the two teams with no real leader, and the score was tied at the end of the first quarter at 21.

The game continued on that was for awhile longer, as neither team were able to take a lead higher than 3. Like before, the Fever had trouble with their shooting, but Erin Philips seemed to have struggled the most. With only six points and no 3-pointers, she really struggled with the long shots. But made up for it with her amazing defence. In one incedent she missed a basket but got a steal right after and then made the basket. As the quarter continued on, the Fever picked up some momentum, took the lead, and kept the lead 42-33 at the half.

The third quarter was in the Fever’s favor as they held the Liberty to 33 points for almost four minutes. The Fever kept the lead the entire third quarter, they still struggled with their shooting but their defense kept them in the lead. Fever hold onto lead 53-48 at the end of the third.

Things started going down hill about halfway through the fourth quarter, despite the Fever’s defence the Liberty pushed past and took the lead. This is where the Fever’s struggle with their shooting really took a toll. The Fever put up a fight till the end and almost put the game into over time after two 3-pointers from Catchings. But alas the Fever were not able to pull it off and the Fever lose 77-72.

Despite the loss the Fever still had reasons to celebrate, Shavonte Zellous was announced as a reserve for the Eastern conference All-Star team for her first time!! She will join head coach Lin Dunn and teammate Tamika Catchings on the All-Star team which will play on Saturday July 27th 3:30 pm in Connecticut.

Briann January got a season high of 21 points, and Erlana Larkins got a career high 16 rebounds. Great job by both of these two players.

The Fever’s next game will be on Thursay July 25th at the Tulsa Shock.
The Fever’s next HOME game will by on August 3rd against the Chicago Sky.

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July 24, 2013 at 12:42 pm

Indiana Fever vs. Washington Mystics Results and Recap

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Last night the Indiana Fever played against the Washington Mystics, who kept the Fever on their toes the entire game. Throughout the game the Fever continuously rested Tamika Catchings due to the fact that Catchings was selected as a starter for the All-star team, congratulations Tamika!

The game started off rocky for the Fever who were not able to take a good lead in the first quarter, but held off the Mystics from getting to much of a lead. This was the first game this season that I got to watch Erin Philips play live, and oh how I’ve missed her. In the last seconds of the first quarter Philips shot a 3-pointer to lift the Fever up to only a one point deficit. Fever trail by one 19-18 at the end of the first.

As the second quarter progressed the Fever continued to fight for the lead, but neither team was able to get a leg up on the other team. Both teams had very good defense due to the fact that the score was relatively low, and the Fever led at halftime 32-31.

When the third quarter began the Fever started to lose their momentum and the Mystics took a ten point lead. At a scary point of the game, Shavonte Zellous took a hard hit and was out for the third quarter due to a bruised thigh. During this time the Fever struggled to consistently make baskets of any kind. However the Fever continued to battle back, but still the Mystics had the lead at the end of the third 62-55.

The beginning of the fourth quarter was an interesting one as the Fever fought to gain the lead, one incident caused Coach Lin Dunn and Tamika Catchings to each get a technical foul. This seemed to be the beginning of a very good thing, as everyone in attendance of the game came to life and got very very loud and involved. Then with three minutes to go Kia Vaughn of the Washington Mystics fouled out, and the Fever tied the game at 66. Afterwards the Fever kept the Mystics at bay and continued to make their shots, as the fans continued to do their job and cheered the Fever on. And the Fever win 77-70!

Some more good news for the Fever, Jeanette Pohlen is expected to fully return after the All-Star break. After injuring her knee last year during the finals Pohlen has yet to play this year. Looking forward to having her back as well.


The next Fever game will be Sunday July 21st in Washington against the Mystics for the second time in three days.

The next Fever HOME game will be on Tuesday July 23rd against the New York Liberty.

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July 20, 2013 at 1:10 pm

Fever vs. Dream: Game 1 Results

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Last night the Indiana Fever played against the Atlanta Dream in game one of the playoffs. The Fever’s record for the regular season against the Dream is 3-2. This game is a rematch for the Fever who got beat by the Dream last year in the finals.

Briann January, Shavonte Zellous, and Katie Douglas were able to play, and back in the starting line up. Though the Fever got the first points of the game, the Dream was quick to take the lead 8-2 three minutes into the game. One mistake in the game that occurred a lot in the first half was whenever the Fever try to pass the ball a Dream player ends up taking the ball away. This seemed to have happened a lot, every time the Fever passed the ball, a Dream player was there to take it away. So after a rough first quarter for the Fever the Dream lead 25-15.

The second quarter was just as rough as the first for the Fever, with missed rebounds and missed baskets, the Dream it seemed were always there to grab the ball. With five seconds left in the first half Angel McCoughtry elbowed January in the mid-section, but was not fouled and January was not able to get up for a couple minutes but was finally able to stand and walk back to the locker rooms. Seconds later the half ended with the Fever still behind 41-32.

When the Fever came back out after the half they managed to hold the Dream off from scoring, while they got 13 points. Throughout the game there were several missed calls that could have greatly effected the outcome of the game. Though the Fever played better they were still trailing at the end of the third 59-46. With 6:30 left in the game January comes back out to play. The Fever really stepped up their game and played really hard with 2:30 left, with a 3-pointer from Douglas and Philips. And with just under a minute the Fever only trail by 3. But the Dream catch back up and push out the lead even more, and January fouls out of the game. Sadly the Fever could not catch up in time and the Dream win 75-66.

The things that the Fever need to work on are their rebounds, and their three point shooting, the Fever led the WNBA in 3-pointers. The Fever play game 2 Sunday the 30th in Atlanta, the Fever really need to win this game in order to remain in the playoffs and a chance at going to the WNBA Championship, the game is at 4:00, so be ready to cheer on the Fever as they fight their way into the finals!

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September 29, 2012 at 5:50 pm

Indiana Fever vs. Tulsa Shock results

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Last night the Indiana Fever played against the Tulsa Shock in both of the team’s last game of the regular season, and the Fever won.

The game started off quickly as Tamika Catchings got the first points of the game for the Fever, but the Shock caught up and passes the Fever almost as quickly. The Fever were trailing by the end of the first 24-18. But as the game progressed in the second quarter the Fever caught up and took the lead back with a little over two minuets to spare with 33-30. The Fever hang onto the lead all the way till halftime 43-32.

After halftime the Fever controlled the ball for the rest of the game, all of the players stepped up and played their very best. Jeanette Pohlen played better than I have seen her play in awhile with 10 points, Erin Philips was another starter that did really well with a career high 21 points.  At the end of the of the third the Fever were still on top 71-43. For the rest of the game the Fever held onto the lead and won the game 91-58.

The starters for the Fever players were not the regular starters that they have had this season. Briann January and Shavonte Zellous have not played for the past three games due to concussion symptoms that they got in their last game against the Minnesota Lynx.  And Katie Douglas did not play because of an illness. We do not know yet if they are going to play during the playoffs.

The playoffs start this Friday for the Fever against the Atlanta Dream. The Fever are 22-12 while the Dream are 19-15. This is a rematch for the Fever after the Dream beat the Fever last year in the playoffs to go onto play against the Lynx. This should be a great playoff year for the Fever and if they play like they did last night, they have a great chance at going far in the playoffs.

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September 24, 2012 at 10:19 pm