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Divisional Round Schedule and Personal Picks

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Eight teams remain after round one of the playoffs, as four teams were eliminated this week, the winning four will now move on to play against the teams who earned a first round bye in the Divisional Round.

The Indianapolis Colts will travel to Boston to play against the second seeded New England Patriots, after beating the Kansas City Chiefs 45-44, on Saturday January 11th 8:15. My picks for this game will have to be the Colts. Throughout the playoffs the Colts have been and will be the underdog. Yes they make mistakes, but they also have to ability to correct them. It will be close, it might look impossible, but I am sticking with the Colts to win.

After beating the Cinncinnati Bengals 27-10, the San Diego Chargers will travel back to Denver to play against the number one seed Broncos, Sunday January 12th at 4:30. My pick for this game would have to be the Broncos due to the fact that they’re coming off a bye week, plus are getting Wes Welker back as well. And they have Peyton Manning, that also helps.


After winning their first ever on the road playoff game against the Philidelphia Eagles 26-24, the New Orleans Saints will go to play against the number one seeded Seattle Seahawks Saturday January 11th at 4:35. My pick, Seahawks. The Seahawks are at home, with the loudest crowd in the NFL, (formerly held by Saints fans) and despite the fact that the Saints won a playoff road game once, I’m not holding my breath for two in a row.

And lastly the 49ers will advance after beating the Green Bay Packers for the third time in a row, 23-20. They will travel to play a rematch game against the second seeded Carolina Panthers, Sunday January 12th at 1.00. Pick, 49ers. Carolina is good, but at the moment they are not as good as the 49ers. When they beat the 49ers earlier this season, they were beating a team not at their best. The 49ers are at their best.


Colts beat Chiefs in Wild Card Round

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This week the Indianapolis Colts played against the Kansas City Chiefs at home to start off the Wild Card weekend. With a full house, Colts fans were ready for a second win over the Chiefs, and the first win of the playoffs.

The game started out with both teams scoring on opening drives. But for Kansas it seemed like it was going to be a long game as star running back Jamaal Charles was taken out of the game early on with a concussion. He would not return for the rest of the game.

But the Chiefs were not detered and went on ahead and outscore the Colts 31-10 at halftime. The start of the second half did not go very well for the Colts as the first pass from Andrew Luck ended up as an interception which led to a Chiefs Touch Down 38-10 By now everyone was starting to doubt the Colts, thinking the game is over. But the Colts rally back and get a TD of their own followed by a Robert Mathis signature strip/sack recovered by Indy.

With the Colts down 38-24 the Chiefs get a field goal of their own after an T.Y. Hilton could not hold onto the ball and another interception was caused. But the Colts come right back and score again, and trail by ten.

One of the most memorable plays of the entire game was when Luck passed the ball off to Donald Brown for a TD, but Brown fumbled the ball. Luck then picked up the ball and dove for the TD. After a field goal from the Chiefs the Colts take the lead for the first time in the game with a Hilton TD. 45-44.

Now all the Colts had to do was hold off the Chiefs for a little over 4 minutes. After a failed 4th down the Colts finish the game in a victory formation, and win 45-44. This marks the NFL’s second largest comeback. Ever. The first made by, guess who, Peyton Manning.

After the Cincinnati Bengals lost at home to the San Diego Chargers the Colts will now travel to play against the New England Patriots for the first time since the 2012 regular season. This game will be on Saturday January 11th at 8:15 pm.

Colts Granted Second Extension to Avoid Blackout

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It would be pretty embarrassing if it happened — a local TV blackout for not selling enough tickets for a first round playoff game — but that’s the situation the Colts are facing on Thursday night.

With just two days left until the Indianapolis Colts play against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Colts were granted an extension after failing to sell out their remaining tickets by 4:30 pm on Thursday.

With the playoffs just around the corner the Colts were in danger of a local TV blackout, meaning that it would not be shown on local TV should the game not sell out. The NFL television policies are one of the strictest television policies in professional sports TV. According to the Official NFL Television Blackout rules in order for a home game to be featured on local TV the game needed to have sold out completely 72 hours before the game. Locally meaning that it will not be shown within a 75 mile radius of the stadium

The Colts have not had a blackout since 2002, and this would also be their first playoff blackout ever. The Colts were already granted an extension until today (Thursday) at 4:30, with around 6,000 tickets to sell. Now they have until Friday at 4:35 to sell less than 3,500 tickets.

The Colts are not the only ones to struggle with selling tickets. Two other teams are having the same trouble as well. The Cincinnati Bengals, who are hosting the San Diego Chargers on Sunday were also granted an extension until Friday at 4 p.m to sell around 3,500 tickets. And the Green Bay Packers who are hosting the San Francisco 49ers, have less than 7,500 tickets that need to be sold. Whether they were granted an extension is unknown.

So if you’re free and feel like going to a playoff game, I’m sure that any of these teams would be glad to have you. But hopefully faithful fans will pitch in and all of these games will be shown at their scheduled time, in their local markets.

Bob Sanders contract with Chargers

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So two days ago announced that Bob Sanders of the Indianapolis Colts has signed a one-year contract with the San Diego Chargers after being let go by the Colts.


Sanders had played with the Colts for about 6 years. In addition, he had played in the Pro Bowl twice, in 2005 and 2007. As well as won three player of the year in 2007 (GMC, AFC defensive player, and AP NFL Defensive player of the year.


He was a good player for the Colts and unfortunately was not able to play much in the 2010 season because of a torn right bicep, which put him on injury reserve for the rest of the season.


Former head coach, Tony Dungy, had also called sanders “The Eraser,” because how good he was as making plays that it made up for any mistakes that any of the other players had made. Then there was the nickname “The Hitman,” because of how hard Sanders could hit.


It will be fun to see how he does with his new team. And I cannot wait for the time the Colts and Chargers play. The Chargers had better hope that Sanders does not get any serious injuries this year, because he is a valuable player.


Let us also hope that there will be an agreement soon, so that we can have our football season back next year, as well as the Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis.

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March 5, 2011 at 4:17 pm

2011 Pro Bowl Results and players

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This week was the 2011 pro bowl.


The NFC and the AFC’s best players go head-to-head for one final game.


The starting QB’s for the NFC were


Michael Vick (Philadelphia Eagles)

Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons)

Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints)


The starting QB’s for the AFC were

Philip Rivers (San Diego Chargers)

Peyton Manning (Indianapolis Colts)

Matt Cassel (Kansas City Chiefs)


Player’s numbers for the AFC.

Tennessee Titans:

93, 33, 26, 28, 83.

Indianapolis Colts:

98, 63, 18.

Baltimore Ravens:

93, 52, 92, 55, 7.

New England Patriots:

75, 31, 32, 70, 83, 72, 51.

Miami Dolphins:

91, 94, 92.

New York Jets

24, 60.

Houston Texans,

23, 44.

Denver Broncos

84, 24.

Jacksonville Jaguars

89, 24.

San Diego Chargers

68, 95, 17.

Cleveland Browns

73, 55.

Kansas City Chiefs

25, 82, 54, 29, 7.

Oakland Raiders

80, 9.

Buffalo Bills



Player’s number’s for the NFC

Chicago Bears

90, 23.

Atlanta Falcons

33, 34, 84, 77, 55, 20, 88, 14, 2.

Dallas Cowboys

82, 65, 93, 52, 19, 90, 94, 1.

Detroit lions


New Orleans Saints

73, 51, 77, 41, 9.

New York Giants

76, 26, 91, 51.

Carolina Panthers

69, 11, 24, 67, 52.

San Francisco 49ers


Washington Redskins

98, 23, 59.

Minnesota Vikings

28, 56, 26.

St. Louis Rams


Arizona Cardinals

11, 90, 24.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Philadelphia Eagles

2, 7.


In the end, the NFC takes the win over the AFC 55-41. However, it was fun to watch the top NFL players play for one last time before next season..


Next week will be Super bowl 45 with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers playing in Dallas, Texas.

Results from Colts vs. Chargers Game 11, Week 12

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The Game: For those of you that missed the game on Sunday night, the Indianapolis, Colts played against the San Diego Chargers at Lucas Oil stadium in Indianapolis, for the sixth time against each other.

The Result: Chargers take the win 36-14 making it the fifth time (out of six) that the Chargers have beaten the Colts.

Important Stats: Everyone has said that Philip Rivers (#17) has a very bright future and a great career in front of him, this I agree with, Rivers so far rivers has thrown 3,362 yards this season almost tying for a record set by (add name). But has been sacked 25 times (tied with two others) for 5th worst in the NFL.

Peyton Manning (#18) on the other hand as been MVP of the year four times, thrown 3,344 yards this season and has been sacked 13 times 2nd best in the NFL. But unfortunately has thrown eleven interceptions which have lead to two losses in a row.

Highlights: In the first quarter, Colts lead by four, sacking Rivers twice and forcing the Chargers to punt, while making their first touchdown. Second quarter saw another Colts touchdown and Manning throwing an interception which lead to another field goal for San Diego. Halftime, Colts are winning 14-13.

Third quarter, Manning under pressure, tried to throw the ball away, but it was still caught by Stephen Cooper and run back for a touchdown. Then again, Manning threw the ball intended for Pierre Garçon, which was picked off, and lead to another Charger touchdown. Forth quarter ends in two more interception from Manning and a win for the Chargers 36-14.

Next Games: Next week (week 13), the Colts play at home against the Dallas Cowboys, and the Chargers play in Oakland against the Oakland Raiders.

Other Games: As for the other game results in week 12;

  • Houston Texans beat the Tennessee Titans 20-0
  • New York Giants defeated Jacksonville Jaguars 24-20
  • Miami Dolphins beat Oakland Raiders 33-17
  • Kansas City Chiefs beat Seattle Seahawks 42-24
  • Chicago Bears defeat Philadelphia Eagles 31-26: (Everyone figured the Eagles would win this one, but we were cheering for the Bears.)
  • San Francisco 49ers beat Arizona Cardinals 27-6

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December 1, 2010 at 2:26 am