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Recap of week 3

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The week started off with a New York Giants win over the Carolina Panthers 36-7. Then the Colts played against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Andrew Luck played pretty well again for being a rookie, and had a couple really strong passes. But this week and last week showed some of the reasons that Luck was the number one draft pick. Sadly the Colts could not conjure up another win and lost 22-17.

Other games that had a surprising ending was the Vikiings beating the 49ers 24-13. Chiefs winning over the Saints 27-24, the anticipated game of the Bengals vs the Redskins with the Bengals winning 38-31, and Baltimores win over the Patriots 31-30.

But the game that will have people talking for weeks is last nights game of the Seattle Seahawks vs the Green Bay Packers, in the final play of the game the Seahawks were down 12-7 with 8 seconds to go and Russell Wilson threw the ball for one last hail Mary. The result: M.D. Jennings and Golden Tate fought for the ball in the end-zone. The one of the two refs that were watching called it as a TD for the Seahawks while the other one  called it as an interception. After much debating they came to the conclussion that it was in fact a TD for Seattle.

Many people were not happy about this decision mainly the Packers fans, and if you rewatch the play you can obviously see that Jennings had the ball in his possession but Tate grabbed on at the last second thus looking like he had the ball as well. Tate not only shouldn’t have gotten the TD but he should have gotten called for pass interference as he pushed another player away from the ball before grabbing on.

Also many people have not been happy at all with how the replacement referes  have handled some of their calls. Saints QB Drew Brees has called the replacements “Embarrassements to the league”. So everyone fans and players alike is hoping now more than ever that the regular officials and the NFL come to an agreement quickly.


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September 25, 2012 at 3:46 pm

2011 Pro Bowl Results and players

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This week was the 2011 pro bowl.


The NFC and the AFC’s best players go head-to-head for one final game.


The starting QB’s for the NFC were


Michael Vick (Philadelphia Eagles)

Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons)

Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints)


The starting QB’s for the AFC were

Philip Rivers (San Diego Chargers)

Peyton Manning (Indianapolis Colts)

Matt Cassel (Kansas City Chiefs)


Player’s numbers for the AFC.

Tennessee Titans:

93, 33, 26, 28, 83.

Indianapolis Colts:

98, 63, 18.

Baltimore Ravens:

93, 52, 92, 55, 7.

New England Patriots:

75, 31, 32, 70, 83, 72, 51.

Miami Dolphins:

91, 94, 92.

New York Jets

24, 60.

Houston Texans,

23, 44.

Denver Broncos

84, 24.

Jacksonville Jaguars

89, 24.

San Diego Chargers

68, 95, 17.

Cleveland Browns

73, 55.

Kansas City Chiefs

25, 82, 54, 29, 7.

Oakland Raiders

80, 9.

Buffalo Bills



Player’s number’s for the NFC

Chicago Bears

90, 23.

Atlanta Falcons

33, 34, 84, 77, 55, 20, 88, 14, 2.

Dallas Cowboys

82, 65, 93, 52, 19, 90, 94, 1.

Detroit lions


New Orleans Saints

73, 51, 77, 41, 9.

New York Giants

76, 26, 91, 51.

Carolina Panthers

69, 11, 24, 67, 52.

San Francisco 49ers


Washington Redskins

98, 23, 59.

Minnesota Vikings

28, 56, 26.

St. Louis Rams


Arizona Cardinals

11, 90, 24.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Philadelphia Eagles

2, 7.


In the end, the NFC takes the win over the AFC 55-41. However, it was fun to watch the top NFL players play for one last time before next season..


Next week will be Super bowl 45 with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers playing in Dallas, Texas.

Results of Colts vs Jaguars game

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The win The Colts won their game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. This puts the Colts in first place for the division. If they can win the next two games, we are the AFC south champions and make it to the playoffs.
The Game First quarter: Donald Brown makes a 49 yard run to the 10 yard line which leads to the first TD by Austin Collie. Colts sack David Garrard, but because of a false penalty from the referee the Jags got a second chance at a first down (3rd down) but missed it, then got it on a fourth down conversion. Colts manage to hold off the Jags and the Jags had to settle for a field goal. 7-3 at the end of the first quarter, Colts are winning.
Second quarter: Austin Collie got his second TD of the game. Mike Thomas (80) ran for a TD on a punt return for Jacksonville, ran 78 yards.

Halftime the Colts are in the lead 14-10.

Third quarter: the Jaguars try for a fourth down but miss it, Colts get the ball at the Jacksonville 43. Donald Brown runs for a 43 yard TD, score is 21-10. On the punt to the Jags, a Colts player gets pushed into the receiver (after a fair catch is called) knocking the receiver down and knocking the ball loose. The ball was touched making it a live ball and the Colts retrieved the ball but ended the drive with a field goal making the score 24-10. With the Colts getting another FG, the Jags got a TD making it a 7 point game 24-17. Colt got another FG changing it back to a 10 point game. Then Jacksonville gets one more TD and will try for an onside kick (score is 27-24). The Colts recover the onside kick and Tyjuan Hagler gets the ball and runs for the final Colts TD. Final score Colts win 34-24.

Stats Today the Colts had 155 yards in rushing, the average rushing yards for the Cols are 80 per game, making them the worst in the NFL. Brown’s running TD was most likely surprising to everyone, including Jacksonville, but especially to Donald Brown. Manning was 29 for 39 today in passing with no interceptions, the Jags had 2 turnovers. And Manning threw to 8 different players.

Colts injuries Today Austin Collie was hit and got another concussion while playing. Collie had just come back from missing 5 games due to the previous concussions. Collie had 82 yards and 2 TDs before he got the concussion. This will have been his 3rd concussion this season. I’m glad that he is not seriously injured and hopefully will be able to play soon, but not before he has recovered enough.

Since the Colts have one this game the Colts are now the division leaders of the AFC south. There are only two remaining games left and if we can win both we will be able to play in the playoffs and hopefully have a chance at Superbowl XLV.

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December 19, 2010 at 6:31 pm

Results from Colts vs. Titans, Week 14

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The Win: This week the Colts played against the Tennessee Titans in Nashville. And the Colts win! After three weeks of no winning games they finally win.

Highlights: In the first quarter Javarris James ran for a one yard TD.
Second quarter Manning throws to Reggie Wayne and gets 50 yards, that leads to another TD by Pierre Garcon. Another TD from Pierre Garcon after a Titans penalty makes the score 21-0 by halftime.

Third quarter Titans are starting their come back after two TDs. Colts take a field goal, making the score 28-14. Forth Quarter Colts take one more field goal after Reggie Wayne makes a 56 yard run. Now with less than a minute the Titans try for a TD, they get it, but they don’t have enough time to get the ball again to win the game. It ends with Colts taking the win 31-28.

Next Colts games:

  • Next week the Colts play at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars.
  • For week 16 Colts play in Oakland against the Oakland Raiders.
  • Week 17 Colts play their final regular game against the Tennessee Titans.

Colts playoff chances: To be able to win the AFC South division and make it to the playoffs the Colts must win the next three games, especially the game against the Jags. And we have to hope that the Jags will lose the game against us and at least one other game.

Jags’ schedule: The Jags this week played against the Oakland Raiders, at home, and won.

  • Week 16 they play in Indy against the Colts.
  • For week 17 they play at home against the Washington Redskins.
  • And for their last game of the regular season they play against the Houston Texans in Houston.

The Colts will need to win the next three games, especially against the Jaguars, in order to win the division. At that point, we will be tied with the Jaguars, but actually ahead of them because of the week 16 win.

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December 13, 2010 at 8:10 pm