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Tamika Catchings To Return

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Indiana forward Tamika Catchings will return on Saturday against the San Antonia Silver Stars. After missing the season first seventeen games, Indiana star Tamika Catchings will get to play in her first game of the season, after being held out with a lower back injury.

Catchings is the Fever’s five time defensive player, their MVP, and three Olympic gold medalist. Out with a back injury that sent pains down her legs, Catchings is now ready to make her debut with her team.

Catchings has also not played with any of the teams newest players with the exception of practices, now she gets the chance to play and learn from her team, without trying to take control. Coach Lin Dunn, says that she will be keeping a close eye on how Catchings does, and if she sees anything that says that she could get even more hurt, she will not hesitate to pull her out again.

Catchings injury is similar to the one former Fever player Katie Douglas had a couple seasons ago, in which she did not play but nine games the entire season. Hopefully Catchings will make a full recovery and that she will play well in this upcoming game.


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July 3, 2014 at 4:21 pm

Reggie Wayne Expects Medical Clearance At The End Of April

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After almost six months Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne says that he expects to be medically cleared to play at the end of April.

After tearing his ACL in the game against the Denver Broncos, Wayne had surgery back in October of 2013. Now hopeful to be cleared at the end of the month, Wayne would be on schedule for training camp at the end of July.

With Wayne back, quarterback Andrew Luck will have gained back one of his biggest weapons. As a 35 year old veteran, Wayne has been a sense of security for the young quarterback and the newer players that joined the team two years ago, and after Wayne left with his season ending injury the rest of the young players had to step up in order to be able to move on, as we have seen they are more than capable and showed that they can be good and some have the potential of being great even with the absents of some of the starters.

Now with the veteran receiver back for next year, and Luck progressively getting better each season, the upcoming up season looks bright. Adding former New York Giants player Hakeem Nicks into the mix next year could be better than last year. With room for improvement the Colts have the chance to go far this coming up year and I look forward to seeing what they are able to accomplish this off-season.

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April 8, 2014 at 7:39 pm

Colts beat Chiefs in Wild Card Round

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This week the Indianapolis Colts played against the Kansas City Chiefs at home to start off the Wild Card weekend. With a full house, Colts fans were ready for a second win over the Chiefs, and the first win of the playoffs.

The game started out with both teams scoring on opening drives. But for Kansas it seemed like it was going to be a long game as star running back Jamaal Charles was taken out of the game early on with a concussion. He would not return for the rest of the game.

But the Chiefs were not detered and went on ahead and outscore the Colts 31-10 at halftime. The start of the second half did not go very well for the Colts as the first pass from Andrew Luck ended up as an interception which led to a Chiefs Touch Down 38-10 By now everyone was starting to doubt the Colts, thinking the game is over. But the Colts rally back and get a TD of their own followed by a Robert Mathis signature strip/sack recovered by Indy.

With the Colts down 38-24 the Chiefs get a field goal of their own after an T.Y. Hilton could not hold onto the ball and another interception was caused. But the Colts come right back and score again, and trail by ten.

One of the most memorable plays of the entire game was when Luck passed the ball off to Donald Brown for a TD, but Brown fumbled the ball. Luck then picked up the ball and dove for the TD. After a field goal from the Chiefs the Colts take the lead for the first time in the game with a Hilton TD. 45-44.

Now all the Colts had to do was hold off the Chiefs for a little over 4 minutes. After a failed 4th down the Colts finish the game in a victory formation, and win 45-44. This marks the NFL’s second largest comeback. Ever. The first made by, guess who, Peyton Manning.

After the Cincinnati Bengals lost at home to the San Diego Chargers the Colts will now travel to play against the New England Patriots for the first time since the 2012 regular season. This game will be on Saturday January 11th at 8:15 pm.

Indiana Fever vs. Washington Mystics Results and Recap

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Last night the Indiana Fever played against the Washington Mystics, who kept the Fever on their toes the entire game. Throughout the game the Fever continuously rested Tamika Catchings due to the fact that Catchings was selected as a starter for the All-star team, congratulations Tamika!

The game started off rocky for the Fever who were not able to take a good lead in the first quarter, but held off the Mystics from getting to much of a lead. This was the first game this season that I got to watch Erin Philips play live, and oh how I’ve missed her. In the last seconds of the first quarter Philips shot a 3-pointer to lift the Fever up to only a one point deficit. Fever trail by one 19-18 at the end of the first.

As the second quarter progressed the Fever continued to fight for the lead, but neither team was able to get a leg up on the other team. Both teams had very good defense due to the fact that the score was relatively low, and the Fever led at halftime 32-31.

When the third quarter began the Fever started to lose their momentum and the Mystics took a ten point lead. At a scary point of the game, Shavonte Zellous took a hard hit and was out for the third quarter due to a bruised thigh. During this time the Fever struggled to consistently make baskets of any kind. However the Fever continued to battle back, but still the Mystics had the lead at the end of the third 62-55.

The beginning of the fourth quarter was an interesting one as the Fever fought to gain the lead, one incident caused Coach Lin Dunn and Tamika Catchings to each get a technical foul. This seemed to be the beginning of a very good thing, as everyone in attendance of the game came to life and got very very loud and involved. Then with three minutes to go Kia Vaughn of the Washington Mystics fouled out, and the Fever tied the game at 66. Afterwards the Fever kept the Mystics at bay and continued to make their shots, as the fans continued to do their job and cheered the Fever on. And the Fever win 77-70!

Some more good news for the Fever, Jeanette Pohlen is expected to fully return after the All-Star break. After injuring her knee last year during the finals Pohlen has yet to play this year. Looking forward to having her back as well.


The next Fever game will be Sunday July 21st in Washington against the Mystics for the second time in three days.

The next Fever HOME game will be on Tuesday July 23rd against the New York Liberty.

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July 20, 2013 at 1:10 pm

Week 14 recap

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The end of the season is coming to a close with only three more games left in the regular season. And as such teams are faceing off in order to fight for the last spot in the playoff hunt, so far eight teams have been eliminated from the playoffs.

The week started off with the Denver Broncos against the Oakland Raiders, so far the Broncos have made it into the playoffs, the Raiders have been eliminated from the playoffs and the Broncos won 26-13. The Indianapolis Colts played against the Tennessee  Titans, the last time the Colts played against the Titans they (Colts) won in overtime, this time it seemed like it would end differently as the Titans were taking an early lead at the end of the half. But the Colts came back strong and won 27-23.

Surprising wins:

  • The Carolina Panthers beat the 11-1 Atlanta Falcons 30-20. The Falcons are the number one team for the NFC.
  • After the loss of a player and the prosicution of another, the Cowboys rallied together and beating the Cincinnati Bengals with a last second field goal 20-19.
  • The Minnesota Vikings beat the Chicago Bears 21-14 making the NFC North wide open to anyone.
  • Washington Redskins beat the Baltimore Ravens in OT 31-28, but not before RGIII got a mildly sprained knee.

The New England Patriots played against the Houstan Texans last night in a fight to see who was on top in the AFC. The Patriots proved that they are by far the best, as the Texans lost 42-14.  This week more teams have to opportunity go grab a place in the playoffs and these up coming games are going to the ones to watch as the last few games wind down to get ready for the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans.

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December 11, 2012 at 3:39 pm

Fever vs. Lynx Game 4 of the WNBA Finals:Results

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Last night the Indiana Fever played against the Minnesota Lynx in Game 4 of the WNBA Finals. The Fever led the Finals 2-1 after beating the Lynx in Game 3 on Friday. One more win would mean the first WNBA Championship Title for the Fever. One that was lost in the 2009 against the Phoenix Mercury, this year the Fever were determined that this was their time.

The Lynx started off with the first points of the game but the Fever answered back quickly 5-4. After that, the game went back and forth between the teams. Eventually the Fever pulled ahead 13-6. The past three games in the Finals have been very physical games and last night the referees were trying to keep the physicality to a minimum. Like in the last game they played, the Lynx had trouble with their shooting and the Fever made it very hard for Seimone Augustus to take a shot or even get her hands on the ball. The Fever led at the end of the first quarter 25-18.

The Fever did a very good job at getting the rebounds but had trouble with getting their second chances at making the shot. Though Katie Douglas was in uniform, she did not start the game, or play much in the game. Karima Christmas was in the game and did her part in getting rebounds and even got a 3-pointer for the team. With 6:22 left in the second quarter the Lynx had started to come back 33-30 (Fever), then they tied it at 38. But after being head to head with the Lynx the Fever managed to pull ahead and led at the end of the half 47-42.

On entering the third quarter the Fever take a 10 point lead 56-46, this was the biggest lead that the Fever were able to get. After that the Fever had trouble making baskets and getting rebounds. Fever lead at the end of the third quarter 63-58.

One of the biggest factors that helped the Fever was the crowd, there was so much energy from the game selling out and all of the fans were wearing red in support of the Fever. Many people were there to help support the Fever including Pacers players, Colts players, Tamika Catchings’ dad and her coach from Tennessee Pat Summit. As the game got closer and closer to the end the crowd got louder and louder. With only 3 seconds left in the game Katie Douglas went into the game and joined her teammates as the final seconds wore down from the clock, and the Indiana Fever won the WNBA Championship 87-78.

This is the Indiana Fever’s first Title in franchise history. Many people have talked about how Tamika Catchings was missing only one thing from her career: a Championship. Finally Douglas, Catchings, and Tammy Sutton-Brown have their trophy with their team. There will be a parade in celebration of the Fever’s success on Tuesday October 23rd in Downtown Indianapolis @ 12:00 pm.

Fever vs. Lynx Game 3 of the WNBA Finals:Results

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Last night the Indiana Fever played against the Minnesota Lynx in Game 3 of the WNBA Finals. The series is tied 1-1, Bankers Life Field house sold out, and the Fever fans wore red in support of the Fever, it was an amazing sight to be seen. The Fever again had to ply with out star player Katie Douglas who was still out with a badly sprained ankle, when she tried to play before the game, she shook her head no, it was not ready yet. Jeanette Pohlen was also out for the Fever due to a torn ACL in her left knee she from  the last game against the Lynx, she is out for the rest of the finals. Both were on the side line cheering on their teammates, and wearing red.

The game started with the first points going to the Lynx, but the Fever were quick to respond and the game went back and forth. Though it was close, the Lynx took the lead 12-8. Shortly after that the Fever took the lead with the help of two steals in a row 15-12. The Fever did a really good job with defending the Lynx making it almost impossible to get close to the basket. Also making it easier for the Fever to steal the ball. The Lynx went for four minutes without scoring a single point, soon after that the first quarter ended with the Fever on top 21-16.

The Lynx had a rough time making shots and missing the rebounds, which was surprising because they were the top defensive and rebounding team of the WNBA in the regular season. Because of that the Fever pulled ahead and lead at the half 45-27. In the first half the Lynx only had one assist, they were also the number one team for assists in the regular season.

In the third the Lynx still had not  found their rhythm and the Fever led by 30 at one point. Needless to say the Fever kept leading at the end of the third 70-38. The largest Finals gap of victory is held by the L.A. Sparks who beat Chicago back in 2001, that was a 28-point win.

By the fourth quarter the Fever were exhausted and were starting to have trouble with their shooting, but they still held off the Lynx from scoring. And the Fever wrapped up the game and won 76-59. One of the Fever’s star players was Shavonte Zellous, not a big shooter for the Fever but made a huge difference with her 30 points (a career high) and encouraging her team throughout the game.

The Fever now lead the series 2-1 and one more win will win the WNBA Finals. The next game will be on Sunday October 21st at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indiana the game will be shown on ESPN2 @ 8:00. Fans again are encouraged to wear red in support of the Fever. One of the reasons for the sell out game was thanks to the Indiana Pacers for providing 4,000 tickets to give away to fans. The Indianapolis Colts did that on Saturday the 20th as well with giving away 2,500 tickets and will also be attending the game on Sunday. Different Indiana teams are coming together to cheer on fellow teams in their road to victory. This next game for the Fever will deffinately be one to watch.