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Colts Granted Second Extension to Avoid Blackout

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It would be pretty embarrassing if it happened — a local TV blackout for not selling enough tickets for a first round playoff game — but that’s the situation the Colts are facing on Thursday night.

With just two days left until the Indianapolis Colts play against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Colts were granted an extension after failing to sell out their remaining tickets by 4:30 pm on Thursday.

With the playoffs just around the corner the Colts were in danger of a local TV blackout, meaning that it would not be shown on local TV should the game not sell out. The NFL television policies are one of the strictest television policies in professional sports TV. According to the Official NFL Television Blackout rules in order for a home game to be featured on local TV the game needed to have sold out completely 72 hours before the game. Locally meaning that it will not be shown within a 75 mile radius of the stadium

The Colts have not had a blackout since 2002, and this would also be their first playoff blackout ever. The Colts were already granted an extension until today (Thursday) at 4:30, with around 6,000 tickets to sell. Now they have until Friday at 4:35 to sell less than 3,500 tickets.

The Colts are not the only ones to struggle with selling tickets. Two other teams are having the same trouble as well. The Cincinnati Bengals, who are hosting the San Diego Chargers on Sunday were also granted an extension until Friday at 4 p.m to sell around 3,500 tickets. And the Green Bay Packers who are hosting the San Francisco 49ers, have less than 7,500 tickets that need to be sold. Whether they were granted an extension is unknown.

So if you’re free and feel like going to a playoff game, I’m sure that any of these teams would be glad to have you. But hopefully faithful fans will pitch in and all of these games will be shown at their scheduled time, in their local markets.


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