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College vs. Professional Basketball

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This past season I have discovered that I am a fan of college basketball. Never have I even given college basketball a single thought but this year I decided to at the very least give it a go and see what I think. The result: I like it better than I thought I would, and definitely more than professional men’s basketball.

One thing that I absolutely love about the college basketball is that the players stay true to the game, they have a smoothness that comes with trusting your teammates. In professional basketball they get sloppy, yes they have their moments of right on the money but most of the time they either keep the ball for themselves or miss a pass that -if they had worked together more as a team- they could have made.

Another reason is that the shooting in college is much better than the shooting in professional. It seems that more of the 3-point shots are made in college than they are in professional, were only the best can seem to make the most 3-pointers. In college more players seem to be able to make the 3-pointers, even if the difficulty level is the same in both leagues.  For these reasons I also like women’s basketball, college or professional, because they also stay true to the game.

Men’s professional basketball is good to watch if you want a show, if you want to see cool dunking and street ball. But if you want to see a game where there’s excitement, semi-fair play and all around just plain traditional basketball, you would want to stick to college or women’s basketball.  And like any game college or professional, a close game is always one to watch.


Written by maddiedeckers

April 9, 2013 at 7:07 pm

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