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Recap of week 13

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Recap of week 13.

This week the Indianapolis Colts played against the Detroit Lions, this was a good match up for both of the teams and challenged each of them in offense and with defense. The first play for the Colts didn’t go so well as Ndamukong Suh sacked Andrew Luck, but that didn’t stop the Colts from getting a TD a couple possessions later. With the score now 7-3 the Lions were determined to take the lead as they have just barely lost their past three games, one of them being last week against the Houston Texans. Both teams played really well, and this game was packed with amazing arm strength and unbelievable catches. The most exciting part came with only 1:34 in the game the Colts were down 33-28 and needed a TD to win, Luck moved the team down field with a swiftness and precision that you wouldn’t expect out of a rookie. When they got into range the first three throws were off and the clock was down to 4 seconds left, people on the edge of their seast awaiting the results of the game, Luck threw a pass to a wide open Donny Avery  for a TD. The Colts win the game 35-33.

Surprising wins:

  • The Seattle Seahawks took the Chicago Bears by surprise and beat them 23-17 in overtime.
  • For awhile it was unclear as to who would win in the New York Jets vs the Arizona Cardinals but the Jets managed to barely beat the Cardinals 7-6.
  • And after Peyton Manning told the crowd to quiet down the Broncos beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.



Written by maddiedeckers

December 5, 2012 at 1:00 pm

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