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Fever vs. Lynx Game 3 of the WNBA Finals:Results

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Last night the Indiana Fever played against the Minnesota Lynx in Game 3 of the WNBA Finals. The series is tied 1-1, Bankers Life Field house sold out, and the Fever fans wore red in support of the Fever, it was an amazing sight to be seen. The Fever again had to ply with out star player Katie Douglas who was still out with a badly sprained ankle, when she tried to play before the game, she shook her head no, it was not ready yet. Jeanette Pohlen was also out for the Fever due to a torn ACL in her left knee she from  the last game against the Lynx, she is out for the rest of the finals. Both were on the side line cheering on their teammates, and wearing red.

The game started with the first points going to the Lynx, but the Fever were quick to respond and the game went back and forth. Though it was close, the Lynx took the lead 12-8. Shortly after that the Fever took the lead with the help of two steals in a row 15-12. The Fever did a really good job with defending the Lynx making it almost impossible to get close to the basket. Also making it easier for the Fever to steal the ball. The Lynx went for four minutes without scoring a single point, soon after that the first quarter ended with the Fever on top 21-16.

The Lynx had a rough time making shots and missing the rebounds, which was surprising because they were the top defensive and rebounding team of the WNBA in the regular season. Because of that the Fever pulled ahead and lead at the half 45-27. In the first half the Lynx only had one assist, they were also the number one team for assists in the regular season.

In the third the Lynx still had not  found their rhythm and the Fever led by 30 at one point. Needless to say the Fever kept leading at the end of the third 70-38. The largest Finals gap of victory is held by the L.A. Sparks who beat Chicago back in 2001, that was a 28-point win.

By the fourth quarter the Fever were exhausted and were starting to have trouble with their shooting, but they still held off the Lynx from scoring. And the Fever wrapped up the game and won 76-59. One of the Fever’s star players was Shavonte Zellous, not a big shooter for the Fever but made a huge difference with her 30 points (a career high) and encouraging her team throughout the game.

The Fever now lead the series 2-1 and one more win will win the WNBA Finals. The next game will be on Sunday October 21st at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indiana the game will be shown on ESPN2 @ 8:00. Fans again are encouraged to wear red in support of the Fever. One of the reasons for the sell out game was thanks to the Indiana Pacers for providing 4,000 tickets to give away to fans. The Indianapolis Colts did that on Saturday the 20th as well with giving away 2,500 tickets and will also be attending the game on Sunday. Different Indiana teams are coming together to cheer on fellow teams in their road to victory. This next game for the Fever will deffinately be one to watch.


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