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Fever vs. Lynx Game 1 of WNBA Finals: Results

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Last night the Indiana Fever played against the Minnesota Lynx in Game 1 of the WNBA Finals in Minnesota. This is the second trip to the finals from both teams, Indiana made it back in 2007 but lost, and Minnesota made it only last year and won. Minnesota is hoping to have back-to-back Titles, and Indiana is trying to win their first Title. This is a really good match up this year.

The Fever were without one of their star shooters Katie Douglas, who stayed back in Indy due to a badly sprained ankle in their last game against the Connecticut Sun. Despite their set back the Fever took the  lead 7-3. But the Lynx tied the game up 14-14, the Lynx took the lead 17-16 but was not able to keep that lead and the Fever were back on top and remained on top at the end of the first quarter 25-20.

The Lynx were having difficulties with their shooting and it was really affecting them as the Fever pulled away more as time went on. All of the Fever players stepped up and played their very best against the WNBA’s top team. Closer to the end of the half the Lynx were starting to catch up a bit but the Fever held them off and had the lead at the end of the first half 43-40.

One of the problems that helped the Lynx catch up was the Fever’s trouble with rebounding. The Lynx are one of the top leading teams in rebounding, so in order for the Fever to continue to have the lead, is to out rebound the Lynx. In the third quarter the Fever were starting to get into trouble as the Lynx went on a 8-0 streak and tied the game @ 50. After that Lynx took the lead for only the second time since their lead (17-16) and the Lynx have the lead at the end of the third 58-56.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter the game went back and forth between the two teams and were separated by only two points. The Lynx were the top defensive team in the WNBA in the regular season. So in order for the Fever to win they would have to beat their defense first. Finally the Fever managed to pull ahead 65-61. As the game went on both teams got more physical and the game got more intense. But in the end the Fever came up on top and won the game 76-70.

Tamika Catchings did a good job in the game but struggled near the end, but throughout the game she showed great strength and leadership with getting 20 points for her team. Erlana Larkins played a big part in the game with 16 points and 15 rebounds. With several major blocks and steals she was an important player for the Fever.

The Fever now lead the series 1-0. Game 2 will be on Wednesday in Minnesota again @ 8:00 on ESPN. If the Fever continue to play like they did last night they stand a good chance at winning the WNBA Finals.


Written by maddiedeckers

October 15, 2012 at 5:36 pm

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