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Fever vs. Dream: Game 1 Results

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Last night the Indiana Fever played against the Atlanta Dream in game one of the playoffs. The Fever’s record for the regular season against the Dream is 3-2. This game is a rematch for the Fever who got beat by the Dream last year in the finals.

Briann January, Shavonte Zellous, and Katie Douglas were able to play, and back in the starting line up. Though the Fever got the first points of the game, the Dream was quick to take the lead 8-2 three minutes into the game. One mistake in the game that occurred a lot in the first half was whenever the Fever try to pass the ball a Dream player ends up taking the ball away. This seemed to have happened a lot, every time the Fever passed the ball, a Dream player was there to take it away. So after a rough first quarter for the Fever the Dream lead 25-15.

The second quarter was just as rough as the first for the Fever, with missed rebounds and missed baskets, the Dream it seemed were always there to grab the ball. With five seconds left in the first half Angel McCoughtry elbowed January in the mid-section, but was not fouled and January was not able to get up for a couple minutes but was finally able to stand and walk back to the locker rooms. Seconds later the half ended with the Fever still behind 41-32.

When the Fever came back out after the half they managed to hold the Dream off from scoring, while they got 13 points. Throughout the game there were several missed calls that could have greatly effected the outcome of the game. Though the Fever played better they were still trailing at the end of the third 59-46. With 6:30 left in the game January comes back out to play. The Fever really stepped up their game and played really hard with 2:30 left, with a 3-pointer from Douglas and Philips. And with just under a minute the Fever only trail by 3. But the Dream catch back up and push out the lead even more, and January fouls out of the game. Sadly the Fever could not catch up in time and the Dream win 75-66.

The things that the Fever need to work on are their rebounds, and their three point shooting, the Fever led the WNBA in 3-pointers. The Fever play game 2 Sunday the 30th in Atlanta, the Fever really need to win this game in order to remain in the playoffs and a chance at going to the WNBA Championship, the game is at 4:00, so be ready to cheer on the Fever as they fight their way into the finals!


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September 29, 2012 at 5:50 pm

Recap of week 3

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The week started off with a New York Giants win over the Carolina Panthers 36-7. Then the Colts played against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Andrew Luck played pretty well again for being a rookie, and had a couple really strong passes. But this week and last week showed some of the reasons that Luck was the number one draft pick. Sadly the Colts could not conjure up another win and lost 22-17.

Other games that had a surprising ending was the Vikiings beating the 49ers 24-13. Chiefs winning over the Saints 27-24, the anticipated game of the Bengals vs the Redskins with the Bengals winning 38-31, and Baltimores win over the Patriots 31-30.

But the game that will have people talking for weeks is last nights game of the Seattle Seahawks vs the Green Bay Packers, in the final play of the game the Seahawks were down 12-7 with 8 seconds to go and Russell Wilson threw the ball for one last hail Mary. The result: M.D. Jennings and Golden Tate fought for the ball in the end-zone. The one of the two refs that were watching called it as a TD for the Seahawks while the other one  called it as an interception. After much debating they came to the conclussion that it was in fact a TD for Seattle.

Many people were not happy about this decision mainly the Packers fans, and if you rewatch the play you can obviously see that Jennings had the ball in his possession but Tate grabbed on at the last second thus looking like he had the ball as well. Tate not only shouldn’t have gotten the TD but he should have gotten called for pass interference as he pushed another player away from the ball before grabbing on.

Also many people have not been happy at all with how the replacement referes  have handled some of their calls. Saints QB Drew Brees has called the replacements “Embarrassements to the league”. So everyone fans and players alike is hoping now more than ever that the regular officials and the NFL come to an agreement quickly.

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September 25, 2012 at 3:46 pm

Indiana Fever vs. Tulsa Shock results

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Last night the Indiana Fever played against the Tulsa Shock in both of the team’s last game of the regular season, and the Fever won.

The game started off quickly as Tamika Catchings got the first points of the game for the Fever, but the Shock caught up and passes the Fever almost as quickly. The Fever were trailing by the end of the first 24-18. But as the game progressed in the second quarter the Fever caught up and took the lead back with a little over two minuets to spare with 33-30. The Fever hang onto the lead all the way till halftime 43-32.

After halftime the Fever controlled the ball for the rest of the game, all of the players stepped up and played their very best. Jeanette Pohlen played better than I have seen her play in awhile with 10 points, Erin Philips was another starter that did really well with a career high 21 points.  At the end of the of the third the Fever were still on top 71-43. For the rest of the game the Fever held onto the lead and won the game 91-58.

The starters for the Fever players were not the regular starters that they have had this season. Briann January and Shavonte Zellous have not played for the past three games due to concussion symptoms that they got in their last game against the Minnesota Lynx.  And Katie Douglas did not play because of an illness. We do not know yet if they are going to play during the playoffs.

The playoffs start this Friday for the Fever against the Atlanta Dream. The Fever are 22-12 while the Dream are 19-15. This is a rematch for the Fever after the Dream beat the Fever last year in the playoffs to go onto play against the Lynx. This should be a great playoff year for the Fever and if they play like they did last night, they have a great chance at going far in the playoffs.

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September 24, 2012 at 10:19 pm

Indiana Fever vs. Minnesota Lynx

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Last night the Indiana Fever played against the Minnesota Lynx but sadly lost. Two players from the USA gold medal team were on the Lynx, Maya Moore, and Lindsay Whalen. And last night they reminded everyone why they were chosen.

The game started off rough for the Fever, the Lynx started off strong with getting 9 points until the Brian January scored. January played a big role for the Fever and did a good job gathering points. Tamika Catchings got 14 points but was heavily guarded. The Fever were behind by five points 25-20. But the Lynx pulled ahead even more by the half with the Fever still trailing 41-33.

In the second half the Fever did a better job at holding off the Lynx from scoring and stole the ball more. In the fourth quarter the Fever managed to tie the game (64-64) for the first time in the game with only :23 left. But the Lynx had the ball and Whalen had the ball, ran down the clock, and scored leaving only one second on the clock. Katie Douglas had the ball and threw it to Erlana Larkin who was under the basket, but could not make the shot. Lynx win 66-64.

The next Fever game is on Monday @ 8:00 pm in Minnesota for a rematch.

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September 16, 2012 at 8:48 pm

First NFL week

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The football season has officially begun, with the New York Giants vs the Dallas Cowboys for the opening game with the Cowboys winning. And yesterday had amazing catches, and a record that hasn’t been broken for over 60 years.

Yesterday the Indianapolis Colts played against the Chicago Bears, and this was also Andrew Luck’s first game as a Colt. The game started out in the Colts favor with a sack to Jay Cutler and an interception that led to a TD, all within the first quarter. But the Bears came back and tied the score.  Afterwards Cutler seemed to get his game on and found reciever after reciever and gained the lead. Unfortunatly the Colts could not take back the lead and the game ended 41-21 in the Bears favor. Even though the Colts lost Andrew Luck had made his first NFL TD pass, to Donne Avery.

Another rookie QB that had his first game was Robert Griffin III, with amazing passes for a win for the Redskins. RGIII also was the first QB in over 60 years to get 40+ points in the first game. He certainly has had a great start to the season, and he has a good furture ahead of him.

One other game that was amazing was the Denver Broncos vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers. This was Peyton Mannings first game back into football after 610 days on not playing, and he hasn’t lost his touch. For some it was sad to see Manning in another color but others it was a celebration time, Manning was back and playing. Happy to say they won the game 31-19 and have a chance to make it to the playoffs.

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September 10, 2012 at 9:01 pm

Indiana Fever vs Phoenix Mercury

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Last night the Indiana Fever played against the Phoenix Mercury, and won 89-81.

The game started off kind of rough with three, 3 pointers in a row for the Mercury. But finally Tamika Catchings shot her own 3 pointer for the Fever. After that the Fever got their momentum and started to gain on the Mercury, and with only a couple second left in the first quarter the Fever got the lead for the first time and the first quarter ended with the Fever on top 27-26. And after that the Fever keep the lead, throughout the game the Fever made remarkable passes that were so fast they were almost hard to keep up with, but they did their job and the Fever lead at the half 54-41

In the third quarter the Fever got many cool looking shots, but I have to give praise to the Mercury for getting many 3 pointers, as it does seem like those are their speciality. But anyhow the Fever kept their lead at the end of the third quarter 74-61. One thing that they Fever have inproved on is their rebounding. Catching had five rebounds last night and the girls really worked for that ball. They gave it their best effort and it paid off with a win 89-81.

Also congraulations to Katie Douglas for getting reaching 5000 career points last night. She got a season high of 30 points last night and did extremely well and didn’t disappoint.

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September 10, 2012 at 8:52 pm