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Saints punished for Bounty Hunting

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This week the Saints head coach Sean Payton had been suspended for an entire season without pay and fined $5.8 million for “Bounty Hunting.”

Bounty hunting is when coaches will pay their players extra if they are able to hit harder than necessary and actually try to injure other players. In this case $1500 for knock-outs, and $1000 for a cart-offs.

It was reported that four quarterbacks were named with a price if they were hit: Aaron Rogers, Cam Newton, Kurt Warner, and Brett Favre. Back in 2010, defense captain Jonathan Vilma offered $10,000 to any player who knocked Favre out of the NFC Championship game.

These are some of the punishments that the Saints will undergo

  • Defensive coordinator (now in St. Louis) Gregg Williams is suspended indefinable.
  • Head coach Sean Payton will pay $5.8 million and will not coach this year.
  • And the Saints will lose their second-round pick in the 2012 and 2013 NFL draft pick.

I get it, it’s a game and you want to win. But that does not mean players should try to injure someone so badly that they can never play again. Safety is the NFL’s number one priority. And people that try to hurt other people’s careers should not be allowed to play.

Right now, the Saints are suffering the consequences of what happens when you lie and cheat. It is not because people don’t like the Saints, they are just the first ones to get caught. If this were any other team the punishment would still be the same, no matter the team.

There is a reason that bounty hunting is illegal: to protect the players. Not only that, it’s about respect, respecting that the people you are playing against work just as hard at getting stronger and faster so that they can play the game they love, and understanding that they are trying to take care of their families.

Play for the game, play for the victory, but don’t sabotage other people in the process. Play fair, don’t play dirty.

Here is my source article with all of the investigation and punishments for the Saints from the NFL.


Written by maddiedeckers

March 25, 2012 at 10:06 pm

Peyton Manning to be Released

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Tomorrow the Indianapolis Colts will have a news conference tomorrow to officially release Peyton Manning after 14 years. I didn’t think that I would ever see the day that the Colts would be without Peyton Manning. This raises the question: “Where will he go now?”

Manning says that he will still play despite the fact that he missed the entire 2011 season. This will be the first time in fourteen years that we will have to pick a new QB and the first time in fourteen years that we have the first-round pick.

Everyone thought that Manning would stay in Indy until he couldn’t play anymore, that he would retire as a Colt. Manning brought back Indy to its greatest, he broke records that we thought could never be broken. He made passes that seemed to be uncatchable and he made them catchable.

Peyton Manning is more than just an amazing football player. St. Vincent  hospital changed its children’s hospital’s name to Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent because of his generosity. When Manning came to Indy, he brought back life and excitment to fans of all ages, he could do the impossible, he could make it all the way down the field for a game winning TD in only :42 seconds. Peyton helped turn Indiana into what it is today, more fans, a new stadium, and held the Super Bowl for the first time.

He brought us to the playoffs eight times in a row, two of which were the Super Bowl, winning the Super Bowl in 2006. Manning has been Indy’s pride and Joy,  he will always be remembered here, here is where he became one of the best QBs of all time.

This has by far been the hardest blog post to write. Everyone in Indiana will miss him,  but we all hope to see him play again even if its for another team. A Manning is saying good-bye, all of Indiana is saying Thank You for all that you have done for Indiana, you have helped shaped us to the city we are today.

Thank You, Peyton Manning, for 14 amazing years.

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March 6, 2012 at 9:01 pm

Matt Flynn

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This off-season the Green Bay Packers backup QB Matt Flynn will be a free agent. Flynn had a great performance when he took over for Aaron Rogers for the last three games of the season. Flynn did a good job on staying calm and throwing the football with respectable accuracy. Which is not to surprising considering that Aaron Rogers was his mentor.

Flynn won two out of the three games that he played this past season. He has only had two starts in his NFL career

I think it will be very interesting to see what team Matt Flynn ends up with, and how well he will do and where his career will take him. This next season will be a season full of surprises. Which players ended up where and seeing how well the new coaches do (or don’t) and how well everyone gets along. It will be an interesting season indeed.

Written by maddiedeckers

March 5, 2012 at 6:12 pm