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Bob Sanders contract with Chargers

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So two days ago announced that Bob Sanders of the Indianapolis Colts has signed a one-year contract with the San Diego Chargers after being let go by the Colts.


Sanders had played with the Colts for about 6 years. In addition, he had played in the Pro Bowl twice, in 2005 and 2007. As well as won three player of the year in 2007 (GMC, AFC defensive player, and AP NFL Defensive player of the year.


He was a good player for the Colts and unfortunately was not able to play much in the 2010 season because of a torn right bicep, which put him on injury reserve for the rest of the season.


Former head coach, Tony Dungy, had also called sanders “The Eraser,” because how good he was as making plays that it made up for any mistakes that any of the other players had made. Then there was the nickname “The Hitman,” because of how hard Sanders could hit.


It will be fun to see how he does with his new team. And I cannot wait for the time the Colts and Chargers play. The Chargers had better hope that Sanders does not get any serious injuries this year, because he is a valuable player.


Let us also hope that there will be an agreement soon, so that we can have our football season back next year, as well as the Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis.


Written by maddiedeckers

March 5, 2011 at 4:17 pm

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