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Super Bowl 45 Results

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This week was the week of Super Bowl 45 with the Green Bay Packers against the Pittsburgh Steelers and it was one to remember.

With the Packers, winning the coin toss and choosing to kick the game began.

First quarter: The Packers are the ones who get the first points of the game with an Aaron Rogers pass to Jordy Nelson (#87). Right when the Steelers get the ball back on third down. Ben Roethlisberger throws an interception and Nick Collins runs it back for a GB TD, now with the score 14-0 and still in the 1st quarter.

Now in the second quarter the Steelers finally get their first points with a FG. Then Jarrett Bush (#24) had his turn at grabbing an interception from Roethlisberger. Soon after that, GB got their third TD on a pass from Rogers to Greg Jennings for a total 21 yards. With 36 seconds left the Steelers, manage to get a TD throw to Hines Ward. Now with the score 21-10 it goes into halftime.

Halftime: Packers are winning 21-10.

In the third quarter, when the Packers get the ball first they cannot make any points out of it. Then the Steelers manage to score again with a hand off to Rashard Mendenhall with a TD. Score is now 21-17. Then Clay Matthews and Desmond Bishop force a fumble. Shortly after that, the Packers get another TD 28-17. Then the Steelers get a TD and a 2-pt conversion making the score 28-25.

In the fourth quarter the Packers get a FG. Now all the packers have to do is hold off the Steelers. Now with it being fourth down and five the Steelers have only one more chance to get a first down and still have a chance. However, they miss it and the Green Bay Packers take the win of 31-25 and are the Super Bowl 45 Champions.

So now, all I have to say is congratulations to the Green Bay Packers.


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February 7, 2011 at 6:01 pm

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