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Divisional playoff results

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This week was a week of surprises, as the two leaders of both divisions have been eliminated from the playoffs.


The games This week the Baltimore Ravens played against the Pittsburgh Steelers. They Steelers won 31-24. It really was unbelievable how the Steelers were able to make their come back in the second half. But anything can happen in the playoffs.


The next game was the green Bay Packers against the Atlanta Falcons, the NFL’s second leading team. The result, Green Bay wins 48-21. It was really surprising to see the Packers win, especially when they had to beat one of the top teams in the NFL. Hopefully they can continue their drive to Superbowl 45.


The Seattle Seahawks played against the Chicago Bears this week as well. Another rivalry that was sure to be a good game. But in the end the Bears won 35-24. It was amazing that the Seahawks beat last years champions in last weeks game but its still upsetting to see their streak coming to an end.


The final game this week was one that many will remember, New York Jets vs. the NFL’s leading team, the New England Patriots. In the regular season these two teams met twice, one resulted in the Jets winning 28-14; the second time they met resulted in the Patriots winning 45-3. The lose was so humiliating to the Jets that they had actually hoped to play them again in the playoffs to get them back for their last game together. The result, jets win 28-21.


Stats With the Jets beating the Patriots, the Jets became the only team that has beaten the Colts and the Patriots back-to-back. This week Tom Brady got sacked 5 times. In the game Tom Brady (#12) made his first interception in 330 throws and hasn’t thrown an interception since week 6.


Championship games This week is the final week before the Superbowl. This week will decide who is going and who is not.


NFC round

Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears @ 3:00 on Sunday. They will be playing at Soldier Field in Chicago.



AFC round

New York Jets vs. Pittsburgh Steelers @ 6:30 on Sunday. They will be playing In Pittsburgh.


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