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Colts vs. Jets Wild-card game

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The game The first quarter of the game was scoreless. The second quarter though, Manning made a throw to Pierre Garcon for a TD, the first of the night and the first scoring of the game. And with less then a minuet to go the Jets tried for a TD but was intercepted by Justin Tryon, and the Colts just run the time down.


Halftime; Colts are in the lead 7-0.


The third quarter though has the Jets getting a TD of their own tying the score 7-7. Then the Colts get a FG. Fourth quarter the Jets score again with a TD. But the Colts then take another FG making them only one point behind 14-13. With less then a minuet to go Adam Vinatieri makes a 51 yard FG putting the Colts ahead of the Jets 16-14. But with the help of the special team’s return, the Jets end up winning with a FG and no time left on the clock. Jets win 17-16. It was a sad loss for the Colts, now out of the playoffs and with such a close game as well.


The Jets will play next week against the New England Patriots. In the Regular season the Jets had played against the Patriots twice, winning one of the games and then losing the other so it will be interesting to see who wins this game.


Stats This week Peyton Manning threw his 400th TD pass. This season Jacob Tamme has had over 70 catches since game 7 of the regular season (Leads the NFL).


Other Playoff games Also this week the New Orleans Saints played against the Seattle Seahawks. And the Seahawks won 41-36.


In this last week, last years super bowl 44’s two teams have been eliminated out of the playoffs in the wild-card. It should be interesting to see who makes it to Super Bowl 45 this year and who will win it.


Written by maddiedeckers

January 9, 2011 at 1:40 pm

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