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Colts vs titans: the results

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The results This week the Colts played against the Tennessee titans a lot was at stake because the Colts needed to win this game to be able to make the playoffs. And the Colts managed to pull out another win at home.

The game In the first quarter Colts get the first points of the game with a FG. After that, Tennessee kicker Rob Bironas tied the game with a little over two minuets left in the first quarter. In the second quarter Colts get another FG after not being able to get a TD.  Titans get another FG. Then right after the 2 minuet warning, Manning throws to Reggie Wayne for a 7 yard TD, the first of the game.

Halftime: Colt led the game 13-6

In the third quarter, titans get a 21 yard TD tying the game up again. But the Pierre Garcon gets a 30 yard TD, putting them in the lead once again. But the titans respond with another TD of their own. Score is now 20-20. Fourth quarter the Colts manage to sack Kerry Collins. With less than two minuets to go, the Colts fumbled the ball, now with the Titans close to winning the game, had a bad snap and lost the ball. Now with only 30 seconds to go, the Colts have to hurry to get in range for a FG. Adam Vinatieri scored the winning FG. Final score: 23-20

Stats This was the second time of the season the Colts beat the titans. The pass to Pierre Garcon was Manning’s 399th TD pass.

Playoffs The Colts are now in the 2010 season playoffs, and next week we will be playing against the New York Jets at home. Now we have to hope that the Colts can hang on to the spot they have right now.


Written by maddiedeckers

January 3, 2011 at 7:27 pm

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