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Colts vs Raiders: The Results

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The Result Today the Colts played in Oakland, California. The results: the Colts win 31-26.

The game Today Joseph Addai was back in the game after being out since October. And in the First quarter ran for a TD but not before the Raiders run back the first punt of the game (also the first play of the game) for a 100 yard TD. The second quarter starts with the Colts getting a FG, putting them in the lead for the first time of the game. Then the raiders have a chance for a 59 yard FG, and they make it. Jacob Tamme got a TD today as well making the Colts 17-13 over the Raiders.

Halftime Colts are leading 17-13.

Third quarter, Colts get the ball but punt it away. But the next time they get the ball Manning throws an interception, but the Raiders get nothing out of it. Raiders then get a FG, afterward the Colts make up for it by throwing to Blaire White and getting a TD. The fourth quarter though the Colts lose the ball again, though again nothing was gained from it. On a third down Manning threw the ball to Pierre Garcon for a TD, score is now 31-19. Then the Raiders try for a fourth down and miss it, so the Colts get the ball at the Raiders 45 but can get nothing out of it. After that Raiders get a TD making the score 31-26. Now the Raiders will try for an onside kick, but Jacob Tamme retrieves the ball. All the Colts have to do is waste time. With less then a minuet to go Peyton Manning runs the ball 30 yards to within the 5 yard line and slides down. The Colts take a knee and win 31-19. Their record is 9-6.

Stats Today Sebastian Janikowski kicked a 59 yard field goal his second of his career, which is most in the NFL. Though his record high is 61 yards, as I have heard today its ‘scary accurate.’ This was Manning’s 207th starting game 2nd in the NFL with Brett Favre in the lead with 297 starting games.

The Playoff chances Since the Colts won this game they only have to win their next game against Tennessee. But it’s not as bad if they lose because Jacksonville lost today in OT against the Washington Redskins, making them two games behind the Colts. So now the Colts are in the lead for the AFC south division, and in a position for the playoffs.

The Colts did really well today at Oakland, and I and everyone in Indiana hope that we will see more of that in upcoming game and hopefully in the playoffs. And we hope that all the people who are injured will get better so that we might see them in the upcoming seasons.


Written by maddiedeckers

December 26, 2010 at 11:10 pm

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