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Results of Colts vs Jaguars game

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The win The Colts won their game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. This puts the Colts in first place for the division. If they can win the next two games, we are the AFC south champions and make it to the playoffs.
The Game First quarter: Donald Brown makes a 49 yard run to the 10 yard line which leads to the first TD by Austin Collie. Colts sack David Garrard, but because of a false penalty from the referee the Jags got a second chance at a first down (3rd down) but missed it, then got it on a fourth down conversion. Colts manage to hold off the Jags and the Jags had to settle for a field goal. 7-3 at the end of the first quarter, Colts are winning.
Second quarter: Austin Collie got his second TD of the game. Mike Thomas (80) ran for a TD on a punt return for Jacksonville, ran 78 yards.

Halftime the Colts are in the lead 14-10.

Third quarter: the Jaguars try for a fourth down but miss it, Colts get the ball at the Jacksonville 43. Donald Brown runs for a 43 yard TD, score is 21-10. On the punt to the Jags, a Colts player gets pushed into the receiver (after a fair catch is called) knocking the receiver down and knocking the ball loose. The ball was touched making it a live ball and the Colts retrieved the ball but ended the drive with a field goal making the score 24-10. With the Colts getting another FG, the Jags got a TD making it a 7 point game 24-17. Colt got another FG changing it back to a 10 point game. Then Jacksonville gets one more TD and will try for an onside kick (score is 27-24). The Colts recover the onside kick and Tyjuan Hagler gets the ball and runs for the final Colts TD. Final score Colts win 34-24.

Stats Today the Colts had 155 yards in rushing, the average rushing yards for the Cols are 80 per game, making them the worst in the NFL. Brown’s running TD was most likely surprising to everyone, including Jacksonville, but especially to Donald Brown. Manning was 29 for 39 today in passing with no interceptions, the Jags had 2 turnovers. And Manning threw to 8 different players.

Colts injuries Today Austin Collie was hit and got another concussion while playing. Collie had just come back from missing 5 games due to the previous concussions. Collie had 82 yards and 2 TDs before he got the concussion. This will have been his 3rd concussion this season. I’m glad that he is not seriously injured and hopefully will be able to play soon, but not before he has recovered enough.

Since the Colts have one this game the Colts are now the division leaders of the AFC south. There are only two remaining games left and if we can win both we will be able to play in the playoffs and hopefully have a chance at Superbowl XLV.


Written by maddiedeckers

December 19, 2010 at 6:31 pm

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